13.8 billion years of astronomy explained in the best way


13.8 billion years of astronomy explained in the best wayLearn the beginning, and the past of our Universe

What you’ll learn

  • The beginning of our Universe
  • The past of our Universe
  • Processes after Big Bang
  • A lot of new and interesting things


  • You need to know the basic of astronomy (things that you meet in every news article)
  • You need to know the elementary school mathematics
  • You need to know the basic of physics – the first things you learn in school, no more than that


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No one knows exactly what the future looks like, nor how the real past of our Universe looks, but we know a thing, and that thing is that we need to know as much as we can about our past to know our future.

As a founder and the director of a scientific website (Bailey Universe), I will take you on a full journey from the beginning of our Universe to now. I will make you see life as you have never seen before and teach you things you have never known.

Be curious, be amazed by our Universe, and let’s find together what is exactly this big space where our Sun is out of approx. 400 billion stars and planet Earth is out of approx. 1-10 trillion planets in the known Universe.

I want everybody to access the course and support me, so I put the lowest price possible.

But why choose this course?

  • explanations provided by an astronomy writer and founder of a scientific news publication, so all it’s 100% correct and useful
  • I studied astronomy with professors from the most prestigious science institute in my country (Romanian Academy of Science), so again, all explanations will be accurate
  • full history teach in just two hours with calm, and clarity
  • after this course, you will know exactly what anyone needs to know about our Universe and a little more
  • lowest price possible

So, what you’re waiting for?

Change your perception, and access the course!

Who this course is for:

  • All people who wants to know the Universe

Created by Robert Andacs
Last updated 9/2022
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