All about Selenium IDE


All about Selenium IDE

All about selenium ide

What you’ll learn

  • Selenium IDE – Everything about it


  • Basic Manual Testing


In this course

we are going to discuss why do we benefit from automation of our testing activities. What are all the different open source test automation solutions available for web application testing.

Why and how Selenium became popular.

What are the different components of Selenium.

How to install and setup selenium ide

Record and playback the tests in selenium

different commands available in selenium ide.

validations available in selenium ide

we are discussing about the concept of locators, using selenium ide context. We talk about id, name, xpath, css, dom. we also take an exercise in the end.

we discuss about the various web technologies-






the website we use in here is

and the flow we take for assignment is register user scenario.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Selenium and Automation

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Last updated 4/2020

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