Build Your Own Home Hydroponic Farm


Build Your Own Home Hydroponic FarmA simple way to grow your own produce year-round in your home or greenhouse using hydroponics

What you’ll learn

  • Build a DIY hydroponic rail system garden
  • Grow produce in your home or greenhouse
  • Simple method for hydroponic gardening


  • Operate basic tools such as a cordless drill and hand saw


A full tutorial on how to build a hydroponic rail system to grow produce right in your home or greenhouse. In this course, I will go over the basics of what hydroponics is, explain some of the most common types of hydroponic systems, give a very in depth explanation of this system, how it works and what you need to build it. I will include every detail you need on building and connecting the rail system, the materials needed to build it, setting up a growing area, as well as managing your nutrients and planting seeds. We like to take a simple approach, so we take care to simplify the design and process into something that is attainable for anyone looking to grow a steady supply of produce.

If you’re nervous to take the plunge into attempting a DIY hydroponics set up, but would really love to grow fresh produce in your home, this course is for you. You don’t need prior hydroponics or building experience. I will walk you through every single step in the build process – every cut, every hole to drill, every connection, along with instructions on setting up lighting and nutrients for your plants.


Caleb at Simple Greens Hydroponics

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in growing their own food year-round
  • Hobby gardeners

Created by Caleb Johnson
Last updated 1/2022
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