Business Analysis: Plan The Project


Business Analysis: Plan The Project

Use business analysis and project management techniques to engage stakeholders and successfully plan your project

What you’ll learn

  • Gain the ability to identify, analyze, manage, and involve stakeholders based on their needs and the needs of the project
  • Learn how to create a Project Charter and facilitate an official project kickoff

  • Learn how to create a requirements management plan by defining the level of detail, storage and access needs, traceability, reuse, and change control process of the project

  • Understand how to break down the large project into workable activities
  • Learn various estimation techniques to estimate the effort to complete the project
  • Gain the ability to create both an adaptive (agile) or predictive (waterfall) project schedule
  • Understand how to complete a Quality Plan that outlines expectations for testing and quality assurance, managing defects, and training
  • Learn how to conduct release planning for both adaptive (agile) and predictive (waterfall) projects
  • Gain the ability to identify and set performance measure for both the project and for business analysis
  • No Business Analysis experience necessary, but it is recommended (not required) that you have taken the first two courses in the Business Analysis Process Series, “Identify and Define the Problem” and “Conduct a Strategy Analysis”


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Planning is critical to every project’s success!
Yes, even for Agile.

Without a plan, you have no guide for how to execute the project and your chances of failing are high. We’ve known this forever. In fact, Benjamin Franklin was famously quoted, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

So why do we still see projects being executed without a plan?

Reason #1: We don’t have time to plan
Reason #2: Things change too much to plan for them
Reason #3: Plans only cause constraints and restrict our team

While these reasons are used with good intention, they are all untrue.
Taking the steps up front to plan the project will actually save you time and money.

Planning helps you to…

  • Better understand and prioritize project activities
  • Predict change and respond effectively to it
  • Effectively manage your time and resources
  • Provide direction to team members about their role and responsibilities
  • Spend less time fighting fires

But what if you don’t know what aspects of the project you should be planning?
Don’t worry, we are here to help!


This course will take you through our five-step project planning process.

  1. Initiate the Project Plan – you’ll learn to identify stakeholders, create a Project Charter, and conduct an official kickoff meeting
  2. Create a Requirements Management Plan – you’ll learn to define aspects of the requirements including the level of detail, storage, access, traceability, reuse, and more
  3. Define the Project Plan Details – you’ll learn to break down the project, estimate the effort, and put together a project schedule
  4. Conduct Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement – you’ll learn to utilize various techniques to assign roles, responsibilities, and define a communication plan
  5. Set Performance Measures – you’ll learn to identify key performance indicators to later validate success and learn from areas of opportunity

Within each step, you will learn the business analysis techniques, tools, and skills via practical, real-world examples so you can understand how to apply them. This will ensure you not only learn the information but can also utilize it in your current or future business analyst position.


Here is what you will get with your enrollment:

  • Over 5.5 hours of high quality video lectures that break down the concepts into an easy to understand, step-by-step format.
  • A 35-page student workbook to aid in your learning and retention of the information and to give you reference material after the course.
  • 13 business analysis templates to provide you the resources necessary to plan projects on your own or while on the job.
  • Access to an industry expert to provide you advice and suggestions to start or further your Business Analyst career


Take a look at what our students say about us:

★★★★★ “Nobody breaks down complex topics and techniques like The BA Guide. I still can’t believe I now understand this stuff!” -Bob F.

★★★★★ “If you want to learn about business analysis, look no further, you’ve found the best.” -Mohammed R.

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This course is the third course in the Business Analysis Process Series:

  1. Identify the Problem
  2. Conduct a Strategy Analysis
  3. => Plan the Project <=
  4. Elicit Business Analysis Information
  5. Organize, Prioritize, and Manage Requirements
  6. Analyze, Design, and Model Requirements
  7. Transition to the Solution
  8. Complete a Solution Evaluation

While it is not required you take the previous courses in the series, it would help your understanding as we build on skills and techniques taught in the previous course lectures.


Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned Business Analyst, this course is a must.

“Don’t wait, jump into The BA Guide!” -Safir K.


We look forward to seeing you in the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Aspiring or current Business Analysts
  • Aspiring or current Project Managers
  • Business professionals who are involved in projects and want to understand how to better assist within them
  • Business professionals who are tasked with planning or running company projects

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