Camunda Modeler Learn Best Practices & BPMN Notation Demo


Camunda Modeler Learn Best Practices & BPMN Notation DemoIntroduction to Camunda Modeler & BPMN, including a demo of a real world scenario with application of best practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Camunda Modeler as a desktop application for modeling BPMN workflows and DMN decisions
  • Watch and follow a step by step demonstration of how a real world scenario is modelled using Camunda Modeller
  • Best practice for labelling BPM elements, modelling symmetrically, left to right and creating readable sequence flows
  • Model explicitly, use gateways, avoid lanes, split sequence flows with parallel gateways and avoid symbol size and colour change
  • Increase the readability of process models by carefully aligning symbols from left to right according to the normal point in time at which they occur:
  • The unified expression language allows page authors to use simple expressions to dynamically access data from JavaBeans components
  • Symbols for conditional expressions: less than, greater than, equality, inequality, conditional AND, OR, Ternary Operator


  • There are no requirements of prerequisites for this course
  • It will be an advantage if you have some process background


Camunda Modeler is a desktop application for modeling BPMN workflows and DMN decisions. It’s user-friendly, allowing multiple developers to work together on the same diagrams.

This course will get you started with Camunda Modeler. We start with an introduction of Camunda as a process automation tool and go through all the best practices you need to know to do modelling for your requirements. There is a real world scenario which is modelled in a demo so that you can see the application of the best practices to an actual model.

You will also learn how to download, set up and navigate around Camunda Modeller, plus you will learn elements of the Unified Expression Language and key operators such as Conditional AND, OR and Ternary. Learn why you should model from left to right, symmetrically and use standards for modelling your processes.

In this course you will get:

  • Engaging lessons with an expert on Camunda Modeler
  • Clear and practical explanations of everything you need to know
  • Celebration of your progress at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Demo and explanation of downloading, setting up and navigating the Camunda Modeler
  • A demo of a real world scenario using the Camunda Modeler so that you can follow along
  • A quiz to test your knowledge of Camunda Modeler and best practices
  • An assignment in which you will model your own real world scenario

Join us in this course and get your Camunda Modeler journey going today

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone needing an introduction to Camunda Modeler, best practices and BPMN Notation

Created by Peter Alkema,Trisha Jawaharlal
Last updated 2/2022
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