Chinese language for beginners : Mandarin Chinese HSK1-HSK3


Chinese language for beginners : Mandarin Chinese HSK1-HSK3

Learn Chinese language : Focus on active learning and practical Mandarin Chinese : Chinese for beginners : HSK1 to HSK3

What you’ll learn

  • Learn common used Chinese language words and sentences
  • Carry on a conversation in Mandarin Chinese
  • Speak Chinese language around your home and at work
  • Gain confidence in learning and speaking Chinese
  • Read Mandarin Chinese characters (Simplified characters)
  • Understand basic Mandarin Chinese grammar rules
  • Understand the different tones in Chinese language
  • Understand Chinese characters


  • No background knowledge is needed as the course is made for those who are new to the Chinese language


In this course you can start learning Chinese language from scratch or refresh it if you have learned it long ago and you have forgotten a lot. You don’t need any knowledge of Chinese language to attend the course, but you can be on HSK1 or HSK2 level as well (just skip the parts you already know). We have made this course for people who are looking to learn Mandarin Chinese in a simple and easy way.

After you finish the course, you’ll be able to manage most communication in Chinese when traveling or living in China.

Learn Chinese language with lessons made by real teachers.

The course includes HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3.

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international standardized exam which assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ Chinese language proficiency. It contains the most common Mandarin Chinese words and sentences. It fits all Chinese language learners, not only people who want to take the exams.

You will gain confidence in using most common Chinese language words and phrases learned in this course

HSK1 Course includes 150 words,  Around 200 sentences, 19 conversations and one HSK1 test.

HSK2 Course includes 150 words, Around 300 sentences, 17 long conversations and one HSK2 test.

HSK3 Course includes 300 words, Around 900 sentences, 25 stories and one HSK3 test.

The course includes flashcards which can help you review and practice words and sentences from the lessons in a easy and funny way. We also added downloadable audio for every lesson (so you can keep learning while driving, running etc.) and PDFs. With all these things learning Chinese will be even easier!

This course is easy to follow as it is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: learn new Chinese words and sentences

Part 2: learn a conversation or a story

Part 3: review and homework

The course will help you with:

1. Practicing both speaking and listening

2. Understanding the most useful Chinese grammar rules

3. Learning most useful words and phrases

After studying HSK1 course you can understand and use very simple Mandarin Chinese phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies

After studying HSK level 2 you have an excellent grasp of basic Mandarin Chinese and can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

After studying HSK3 you can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in your daily, academic and professional life. You can manage most communication in Chinese when traveling or living in China

In the course you don’t have to learn Chinese characters, but it’s strongly recommended to do it.

Let’s have some fun and learn Mandarin Chinese together!

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to learn Mandarin Chinese in an effective and fun way. The course is for beginners and/or people who want to take HSK1 and/or HSK2 exams.
  • People who live and work in China
  • Learners who are interested in Chinese language
  • Students enrolled in a Chinese language school or majoring in Chinese in college
  • People who travel to China
  • People who would like to communicate with their Chinese friends

Created by Kamil Domanski, Yuanli Xiao
Last updated 1/2021

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