Digital Masterclass: How Technology Is Changing The World


Digital Masterclass: How Technology Is Changing The World12 lessons about disruption, transformation and how these forces are shaping a very different future for everyone

What you’ll learn

  • How the winners of digital disruption created exponential business models
  • How “the crazy ones” like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs achieve radical product innovation
  • How firms and governments are driving digital transformation agendas
  • Self-disruption through innovation contests such as the FNB Codefest, featured in Harvard Business Review
  • Digital competitiveness in financial services companies and other industries
  • The principles and advantages of Agile and DevOps for business and IT
  • The story behind Kodak, Instagram, Sony, Apple, Blockbuster, Netflix, Nokia and Waze
  • The stages and dramatic consequences of exponential growth
  • Blockchain, bitcoin, the future of money and what it means for consumers and banks
  • The discontinuous nature of truly radical product innovation
  • How cloud works and the nature of its digital advantage for firms and consumers
  • Customer-centric design thinking and reinventing the modern organisation from the outside in
  • Automation in America and the impact on trucking jobs and society
  • The importance of culture, leadership and small team environments in transformation
  • “Over The Top” business models and what that means for the utilities that support them
  • Design thinking as a leadership imperative for outperformance in digitally disrupted industries
  • The strategic importance of digital talent and skills retention in digital transformation
  • Customer ecosystems made possible with the Internet of Things and Cognitive Computing


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  • Encouragement and celebration of your progress every step of the way: 25% > 50% > 75% & 100%
  • Over 4 hours of clear and concise step-by-step instructions, lessons, and engagement

What others are saying about this course:

“This has provided great insight into the Digital transformation. Highly recommended.” – Madhan J.

“This course was interesting and provided me the fundamentals to proceed. It is no secret, sometimes technology is a good thing, but it can impact many different things. Companies should adapt or they could end up losing more than just money.” – Robert B.

“This course is brilliant – very interesting and covering so many factors of the digital world i reviewed all the resources which were very informative. Great Course and learnt so much from it” – Sue G.

“Very well thought out course and made easy to understand. The worksheets style are a brilliant point of reference for each course segment covered.” – Agnes O.

“I am enjoying it, the course is current in terms of what is happening in the world of technology and paves the mindset for trying to think forward.” – Dino G.

Outstanding information, really an eye-opener, inspiring enough to spark an idea. thank you so much for this Peter.” – Roy E.

Fantastic course, it was easy to follow and it filled the gaps that I had with regards to the subject of digital” – Given

“I enjoyed the content and the authors ability to convey knowledge and to keep me intrigued from start to end. The author has done an excellent job and I am looking forward to more content from him” – Hebendran

“This course is really awesome, Peter really gets what it takes to win in the new age of business and it’s really cool that he has shared his knowledge with the world” – Dean

Digital changed the world, businesses were turned upside down, and COVID-19 in 2020 has accelerated this trend. Consumers have unprecedented access to information and services that change how they are seen as customers. Digital disruption is all about how this has happened, the winners and losers, and the new rules of the game. Digital transformation is all about how individuals, firms, and governments are responding, changing their habits, ways of working, and expectations of any relationship. These are radical shifts that everyone needs to understand and continually anticipate in the second half of the digitally exponential chess board. All 12 lessons in the course include a handy worksheet that you can download and which summarises the key lessons for your application and future reference.

In this course, I’ll be engaging you 1 on 1, as well as providing you with visual insights and downloadable resources to support and embed your learning. We can also engage around the course content and once you’ve enrolled you’ll have access to it as I keep it updated. I’ve researched these topics in my Ph.D., written extensively about them on my blog, and spoken about them at international conferences. I’ve also had to adapt to them in my own life in the same way that you probably have. I look forward to seeing you in the lessons and please remember to rate and review the course. It’s a privilege to be part of your learning journey.

What you will learn:

  • The winners and losers of digital disruption; Kodak, Instagram, Nokia, Waze, and more
  • Over The Top business models and the utilities they disintermediate
  • Blockchain and bitcoin; how it works and why it is a threat
  • Self-disruption through internal innovation and employee incentivization
  • The FNB Codefest which was featured as a case study in Harvard Business Review
  • Customer-centric design thinking and why big companies need it
  • Principles and stages of exponential growth curves
  • The rise of digital customers, the decline of physical networks
  • How firms need “the crazy ones” to drive radical product innovation
  • How the Internet of Things creates ecosystems for customers
  • Agile, DevOps, and the principles of new ways of working
  • The “Innovators Dilemma” of risking everything to stay ahead
  • Virtual Reality, Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things
  • Obsession with the customer experience and outside-in design thinking
  • Digitization of industries, firms, and the impact of intelligent automation
  • Models of exponential growth and technology adoption
  • Incubators, accelerators, and the startup ecosystem
  • Authentic leadership in a digitally changing world
  • The new millennial generation and the customer of the future

Contents and Overview

You’ll start with Digital Winners Have Turned Business Upside Down; Grasp The Nettle: The Second Half of Exponential Is Here; Digital Money And The Future Of Finance; Digital Disruption In Banking; The Future of Banking – A South African perspective; How The Crazy Ones Do It; Cloud As A Disruption Enabler For All; The Rise of Blockchain;

We will also cover Digitally Rewiring The Modern Firm; Disrupt Yourself Or Die A Digital Death; Learn How Agile Changed Everything; Get Obsessed Now With Customer Experience; Top Talent For The Future Fit Organisation; Super Apps Drive Banking Beyond Money;

This course will also tackle Learn Digital Transformation Intro; Learnings Digital Transformation; The Idea of Strategic Ambidexterity; Learnings- Digital Transformation; Self Disruption; Learning Digital Transformation: Agile and Customer Experience; Learning Digital Transformation: Talent and Beyond the core; Learn Digital Disruption intro; Learning Digital Disruption; Digital Winners and Losers; Opinion on Digital Disruption on Africa; Learn Digital Disruption; Experimental Growth; Learn Digital Disruption; banking, discontinuity of innovation and cloud;

Then you’ll get extra webinars on Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation.

You’ll get premium support and feedback to help you become more confident with finance!

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in digital disruption and digital transformation
  • Employees of companies looking for digital insights

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Last updated 10/2022
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