HTML CSS JS: Most popular ways to code [WEEKLY UPDATED]


HTML CSS JS: Most popular ways to code [WEEKLY UPDATED]

HTML CSS Javascript : A complete bundle for web development using HTML, CSS & Javascript. Learn web design from scratch.

What you’ll learn
  • The HTML Document Structure For HTML 4.01, XHTML and HTML 5
  • Internal, External and Anchor Links
  • Displaying and Styling Images
  • CSS Box Model and Layout
  • How to use and apply the CSS Box model to Page Layout
  • How to Understand and Use CSS Position
  • How to Work with Images in CSS
  • How to Use CSS Selctors
  • Understand Cascading Style Sheets
  • Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript programming including operators, control statements, functions, and arrays
  • Begin with JavaScript basics, including control statements, functions, arrays,
  • Text Editor (Free!)
  • PC, Mac or Linux PC



UPDATE: Introducing ODIN WEEKLY for this ultimate course on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Don’t know about our new initiative? Here it is….

ODIN WEEKLY is the initiative taken by ODIN ACADEMY LLP.

What will you get under this program?

1. This course will get fresh new content every week for at least 2 years. We will continuously add new content in this course every Monday of the week. This way the course won’t get old or outdated and every change in technology will be updated here.

2. We will update all existing students through Educational Announcements about the addition of new content with their titles mentioned.

3. If you’re not free every week, you can come back to course every month and learn new concepts without paying extra.

4. You can ask through discussion board for the topics to be covered in upcoming week (suggestions are always welcome).

5. All current and new students enrolled in this course are eligible to access ODIN WEEKLY.

6. You don’t have to pay extra, once you’re inside you’ll get unlimited content for rest of the life.

TIP: Look at the curriculum below to know about the topics added recently.


Learn – complete web developer and web designing using CSS, HTML and Javascript.

This course welcome to the complete web development training that includes full video series of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the major languages that you must know to create static and dynamic web pages. This course will take you from no experience to professional in web development.

Some features of this course are as follows:

  • Tables in HTML
  • <img> tag in HTML
  • Styling web pages : Using CSS
  • Introduction to CSS
  • DIfference between inline, internal and external stylings
  • Writing styles Part 1
  • Writing styles part 2
  • Writing styles Part 3
  • Properties and selectors
  • Older ways to write colors
  • Modern way to write colors
  • Ultra modern way to write colors
  • What are text stylings?
  • Separate tags from other tags
  • It’s time to learn about JavaScript
  • for and while loop cont.

I have created this course with a proper mindset so that you could learn each and every concept from scratch. Each concept is explained in a very detailed manner with live examples on screen, and I tried my best in making this learning much easier.

I have divided this course into three parts for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We will start this course from HTML where you will come to know about tags, attributes, and other kinds of stuff. After completing HTML part, we have CSS with lots of videos that would teach you CSS in very details. We have separate videos for each property that we have in CSS so that you could get most of the course. Then comes the JavaScript part, so in this section, you will learn about scripting and how we make interactivity on dynamic web pages. Along with complete learning, I am here to provide you a full support on all possible platforms so that I could remove all your doubts as soon as they approach you. You will learn a lot more things in this course.

Enroll now, and I see you inside.

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to better manage their web site
  • People who want to become web designers and developers
  • Business owners who want to be more efficient with WordPress, Joomla or other CMS systems
  • Graphic designers seeking to upgrade their web skills
  • Web designers interested in JavaScript programming
  • Web Development Students

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Last updated 11/2018
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