Learn Online Workshop Facilitation & Tips For MS Teams


Learn Online Workshop Facilitation & Tips For MS TeamsPrepare, facilitate, present & follow up to drive alignment through engaging online workshops using Microsoft Teams

What you’ll learn

  • How to prepare, run and follow up workshops when everyone is working from home
  • Increase online workshop engagement by running a poll to get people voting on topics
  • How to present using PowerPoint and Teams in online workshops and meetings
  • Tips and tricks of running meetings using video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams
  • How to earn valuable credibility by running effective meetings and respecting people’s time
  • How to create alignment in your teams and drive productivity in your organisation
  • How to prepare for your online workshop with a clear action plan and well defined agenda
  • Running an online workshop by professionally balancing everyone’s input to achieve y our objectives
  • Following up beyond your workshop to ensure everyone gets maximum value from new alignment
  • How to use Google countdown timer to display the time left of a break so that everyone resumes at the same time


  • This course is geared towards Microsoft Teams as your main online meeting software but many of the principles and practices apply to other tools like Zoom


  • Get instant access to worksheets, follow along, and keep for reference
  • Introduce yourself to our community of students in this course and tell us your goals
  • Encouragement and celebration of your progress every step of the way: 25% > 50% > 75% & 100%
  • Over 6 hours of clear and concise step-by-step instructions, lessons, and engagement

What others are saying about this course:

It was insightful, exactly what I needed. Some leaders would just talk about strategy and not tactics. You have covered it all, I will implement as many as I can from these three sections, and I am certain my next virtual meetings/training will be different. Thank you!” – Rebecca P.

I got a lot of great tips and tricks, not only on how to run efficient workshops, but also on how to perform it in a smarter way. Thank you ;-)” – Hanne L.

“Love it, the way he explains in details makes me eager to be a better training facilitator in future, thanks!” – Sazali S.

“The information is well organized and well presented. Great tips and the instructor kept me engaged.” – Jacqueline C.

Definitely a good match for me I am keen to learning about how to deal with this new normal being online and the tips and advice are valuable.” – Nurunisa J.

“Having had to attend numerous online meetings, webinars, and congresses this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I quickly realized that it is easy to lose personal interaction in the online environment. This short course has equipped me with practical tips on how to facilitate meetings and workshops in an online environment, but more so it has provided me with key skills to maintain continuous interaction between presenters and attendees, which is vital to the successful outcome of such a virtual gathering.” – Jaco Theron

“This is a good course useful for facilitating meetings and online workshop.” – Deborah Solomon

“Thank you Peter, for the precise, well informing and educative course very relevant after this pandemic.” – Tapiwa

I achieved the goal set for the training, and I am glad I attended. Thank you” – Eluwumi

“This was a very interesting course. It gave me some great tips that I hadn’t thought about.” – Marisa Wilkes

“What I found most valuable about this course was the integration of facilitation skills for use on online platforms.” – Lorna

This course will teach you how to run an online workshop that will keep people engaged and achieve your objectives. Effective meeting discipline will ensure that you use people’s time wisely as you meet together virtually to share ideas and collaborate effectively. This course is geared towards Microsoft Teams as your main online meeting software but many of the principles and practices apply to other tools like Zoom.

Why you should do this course:

  • Learn how to prepare for a workshop by setting up a proper agenda that has context and objectives
  • Use a second device to access the meeting from which you can view your presentation while interacting on your main PC / laptop
  • Set up a poll in MS Teams to get input from attendees on up to 6 different options without interrupting the flow of the meeting
  • Use a Google countdown timer to display the time remaining for a workshop break so that everyone resumes at the same time
  • Agenda timings should match the content and discussion; learn to plan this effectively
  • A meaningful title for your workshop will set the right tone and ensure people understand what they will be getting from attending
  • A professional table of slots and outcomes for each item will help keep your workshop on track when you facilitate
  • The right length for a workshop and the importance of including a break so everyone can get refreshed
  • Content preparation; slides, AV, and other pre-reads that help drive the workshop objectives
  • The importance of sending out the pre-reads and relevant content at least 48 working hours prior to the meeting
  • Mental and physical preparation that ensures you are ready to run an effective online workshop which is totally different from in-person
  • Working From Home distractions and how you will need to step up, even more, to ensure everyone stays engaged
  • The importance of kicking off on time and how this sets a professional tone for the session
  • How to balance and engage different participants and ensure sufficient input from diverse teams and different departments
  • Leave sufficient time to wrap up at the end of the session by reviewing carefully noted and agreed actions that will drive momentum
  • Ensure SMART objectives will be followed up after the workshop to maintain momentum
  • Get feedback from people about your facilitation skills and get input on how you can improve for next time
  • Use the handy worksheet as a checklist for running your next online workshop
  • Earn valuable credibility by running effective meetings and respecting people’s time
  • Create alignment and productivity in your teams

Contents and Overview

You’ll start with Set Up An Agenda With A Meaningful Title Context, Objectives, and Timings; Manage The Content To Ensure Appropriate Slides, AV And Input From Attendees; Ensure Readiness For Your Workshop Including Mental And Physical Preparation

We will also cover Kick Off Your Online Workshop And Introduce Key Attendees To Get Warmed Up; Learn Tips & Techniques For Doing Powerpoint Presentations In Online Workshops; Balance And Engage Professionally To Ensure Sufficient Input From Everyone; How To Make “Virtual Eye Contact” To Engage People Individually In The Right Way; A Tip For Managing A Break Period During Your Online Workshop; Increase Workshop Engagement: Learn How To Use The Poll Feature In Teams; Wrap Up Your Online Workshop Effectively And Leave Enough Time To Review Actions

This course will also tackle Drive Quick Wins By Following Up With Agreements And Agreed Actions; Follow Up Agreed Actions Within Two Weeks To Keep Momentum Going; Get Feedback From Attendees And Review The Handy Worksheet To Keep Improving; Drive Organisational Alignment By Ensuring A Proper Follow Up

Next, we will also discuss Learn Digital Transformation Intro; Learnings Digital Transformation; The Idea of Strategic Ambidexterity; Learnings- Digital Transformation; Self Disruption; Learning Digital Transformation: Agile and Customer Experience; Learning Digital Transformation: Talent and Beyond the core; Learn Digital Disruption intro; Learning Digital Disruption; Digital Winners and Losers; Opinion on Digital Disruption on Africa; Learn Digital Disruption; Experimental Growth; Learn Digital Disruption; banking, discontinuity of innovation and cloud; Managing technology in the age of disruption and digitization

Then you’ll get extra webinars on Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation, and a lot more bonuses!

You’ll get premium support and feedback to help you become more confident with finance!

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Who this course is for:

  • Workshop facilitators running meetings from home
  • Anyone trying to create alignment in teams
  • People who want to learn how to present in a virtual meeting

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Last updated 8/2022
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