Learn Vert.x – Reactive microservices with Java


Learn Vert.x - Reactive microservices with JavaLearn how to create reactive web applications. Featuring Vert.x 4, Mutiny and Quarkus!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use the Vert.x 4 Framework
  • Build a REST API
  • Reactive Database Access with Vert.x
  • Using Web Sockets with Vert.x
  • Configuring a Vert.x application properly
  • Using Mutiny and Vert.x
  • Creating a Quarkus Reactive Application
  • and more!


  • Be able to read and understand Java
  • Know how to work with Docker
  • Desire to learn while having fun!


In this course you will learn how to build reactive web applications using the Vert.x toolkit. The course starts with the core features of Vert.x and throughout the course we will cover more and more Vert.x modules.

The course is very practical and most of the course are hands-on coding examples. Basic Java 11 knowledge and docker experience is preferred to be able to follow everything in the course.

  • Vert.x Core:
    • Understand the basic concepts: Future, Promise & the event bus
  • Vert.x Web:
    • Build reactive REST APIs
  • Vert.x Reactive SQL Clients
    • Reactive non-blocking Database Access.
  • Vert.x Config:
    • Configure your application properly

and more…

Vert.x was one of the first JVM based reactive libraries. It is battle proven and used by a lot of companies in production. It found its way into multiple components and plays a key role in:

  • Hibernate Reactive:
    • Non-blocking database access featuring the reactive SQL Clients from Vert.x
  • Quarkus Reactive:
    • Reactive programming using Vert.x
    • Inject Vert.x into Quarkus Beans
    • Deploy Vert.x Verticles
    • Use the Vert.x Eventbus

The original content of this course is only available on Udemy and the copyright is by the instructor!

About the instructor:

Daniel is a senior software engineer and developed multiple web applications serving millions of users. He started as full stack developer and was able to gain experience for frontend and backend development.

He found his passion in developing highly scalable applications. Currently he works as a senior software engineer on a fin-tech platform that is used by more than three million users (2022). He advanced into a role as Technical Lead and offers his knowledge to his colleagues. The fin-tech platform utilises Technologies such as Apache Kafka, Java (Vert.x & Micronaut), PostgreSQL and AWS and consists of multiple Microservices.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers looking for a reactive java framework
  • Software Engineers building microservices with Java
  • Software Engineers building microservices at scale

Created by Daniel Prinz
Last updated 4/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 3.37 GB

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