MetaTrader 5 automated trading using Python TUTORIAL


MetaTrader 5 automated trading using Python TUTORIALMoney management, and Python to put any algorithm in live trading on Forex, crypto or stocks. Bots templates OFFERED

What you’ll learn

  • Put your trading strategy in live trading using MetaTrader5 and Python
  • Learn how to code complex structure like Trailing Stop Loss, Basket Stop Loss, etc…
  • Learn the basis of the programming language Python
  • Guided tour through the different aspects of an automated trading project
  • Import financial data, place order, place pending order using MetaTrader 5 and Python
  • Templates to put your own algo trading in automated trading


  • Nothing


Do you want to create algorithmic trading strategies?

You already have some trading knowledge and you want to learn about quantitative trading/finance?

You are simply a curious person who wants to get into this subject to monetize and diversify your knowledge?

If you answer at least one of these questions, I welcome you to this course. All the applications of the course will be done using Python. However, for beginners in Python, don’t panic! There is a FREE python crash course included to master Python.

In this course, you will learn how to use Python to put your algo trading strategies in Live trading. You will learn all the aspects and the specificities of the algo / automated trading using Python and applications through MetaTrader 5.

You will learn and understand how to automate your trading strategies on one of the most used trading platform (MetaTrader 5):

  • Financial data: Import ticks and rates (from minute data to monthly data).
  • Place different orders: Classic order (buy and sell), take profit /stop loss, trailing stop loss, pending order (stop, limit order)
  • Money management: Find the best stop loss and take profit according to your strategy, find the best volume

Why this course and not another?

  • This is not a programming course nor a trading course. It is a course in which programming and trading strategy are used for automated trading.
  • This course is not created by a data scientist but by a degree in mathematics and economics specializing in mathematics applied to finance.
  • You can ask questions or read our quantitative finance articles simply by registering on our free Discord forum.

Without forgetting that the course is satisfied or refunded for 30 days. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your knowledge of this fascinating subject.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn how to put his trading strategy in live trading

Created by Lucas Inglese
Last updated 3/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 2.70 GB

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