Microservices with Python : Build scalable Systems


Microservices with Python : Build scalable SystemsLearn the art and science of microservices based product development and deployment

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build microservices based apps in Python
  • Master flask framework
  • Learn to plan your next project in terms of light weight services
  • Learn deployment of Microservice based application


  • Basic knowledge of python is sufficient to complete the course


Upskill with microservices with Python & Docker from scratch by building practical projects!

Microservices are important for improving your app’s resilience. With microservices, you can also improve development time, scalability, testing, and continuous delivery. The knowledge of microservices will also make debugging & maintenance simple for your app. And for this, we have brought this online course that will help you in upskilling with microservices with Python & Docker. You will learn how to use Docker for creating a microservice-based application by employing Python & Flask.

Importance Of Microservices With Python?

  • Allows you to break up your apps into smaller parts that communicate with each other.
  • It makes it simple to scale the application.
  • Makes it easy to work on just one part of the app at a time.

How This Course Can Help You?

This course is suitable for individuals looking to upskill with the concept of microservice with Docker & Python language. It is a beginner-level course, but familiarity with technologies like Focker, Python & Flask is recommended for hassle-free learning. You will learn all the topics revolving around microservices with its practical-oriented approach.

As this course will unfold, you will work with several projects that will train you for employing & creating microservices for real-life applications. Initially, you will learn the basics of Docker & microservices, then it will give you insights into Docker images, microservices design & development, ports mapping, and building a microservices-based e-commerce application using Python and Flask. In the end, you will understand how to deploy microservices.

Major Topics That You Will Learn

  • Microservices- benefits, challenges & best practices
  • Environment & database setup
  • Creating applications
  • Product microservice
  • Order microservice
  • Frontend microservice
  • Deployment

Get started today to master the concepts of microservices from the ground up!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build large scale microservices based application will find this course very useful

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Last updated 8/2021
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