Performance Management – From Big Picture to Details


Performance Management - From Big Picture to DetailsPerformance Conversation practical tools

What you’ll learn

  • What is Performance Management
  • How to effectively run a Performance Conversation
  • How to work with Feedback and Directive Coaching during a Performance Conversation


  • Managing Structured Meetings, Managing Difficult Meeting Participants


A lot of books, research papers have been written on Performance Management. Equally a lot of tools have been created to measure it. For every organization in any sector, this mantra is always included, talked about and extensively practiced.When we introspect about ourselves as leaders, we like to believe that we are doing the best to our role. However, those around judge us by our actions not our intent.  Keeping this in mind, the endeavor of this course is to understand the implications and importance of performance management in any organizations. I have included case studies, concepts, examples and shared some of the best practices adopted by organizations.

Lastly, one of the highlight of this course is that while there is a need for performance review by an organization, for it to meet its goals, it should also be seen as a way of learning and developing for the employee as well, both personally and professionally.  I will introduce to you the process of reviewing a performance, reasons to conduct a performance review, help you understand the different methods of performance review and evaluating the same to adopt the appropriate methods as per the organization’s goals.

The Performance Management course here  uses tools to shape your understanding  and refine your Performance Conversation skills. Besides self-awareness it will offer you the needed process and examples. It will also help you establish credibility in the role of a `People’s Leader’ by introducing you to performance management essentials such as Performance Feedback , Directive Coaching, Action Plan, and help you turn Negative Feedback into Balanced Feedback.

This experience will enrich you both personally and professionally.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Team-Leaders, Operation Managers, Human Resources Business Partners

Created by Julian Vlach Ionita
Last updated 4/2022
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