Powerful Unity JavaScript Everything You Need To Know


Powerful Unity JavaScript Everything You Need To Know

Learn how to Design & Develop Games in Unity GameEngine using Simple and Powerful Unity JavaScript(Build 4 Games)

What you’ll learn
  • Over 189 Lectures and 27 hours of content
  • Understand basics of computer programming languages through 2D graphics
  • know about Unity Javascript Scripting Language from scratch
  • Understand few tough concepts of game programming through Animated video and Graphics
  • Master Game development pipeline
  • Learn how to make beautiful,interactive Pc or Mobile Games
  • Earn money from your new Game Development skills
  • No pre-knowledge required of any programming languages
  • Any computer with Windows or Mac Operating system with Free Unity 4.6 or above version Install
  • know little bit about Unity Interface
  • and most important ” Never give up will “


If You have strong desire to create videogames but you dont know anything about programming and doesn’t know where to start

then this course will help you and for anyone who wants to build beautiful and attractive videogames

and become an independent videogame developer and also earn some extra income.

In this course we cover Unity GameEngine which is Powerful and easy to use compeletly Free Environment

for design and developing 2D and 3D Games for windows/Mac/iOs/Android and many more platforms

First we cover introduction to the basics of Unity Javascript programming concepts using Animated video and 2D Graphics

i use animated video and 2d graphics because ” A picture is worth a thousand words “,and most of people understand quickly from

animated videos instead of plain words and this techniques will really help you if you are new to programming world.

Next, i explain in detail about unity GameComponents and gameobjects what they are & how exactly they work

After that we jump on

1st game project “Rock-Paper-Scissor” or “Ro-Sham-bo

in which we cover lots of basic concepts of Unity Javascript game programming

*take player input using different function

*create win logic and many more

2nd we create 3D Game “Kick Ball In Ring

its a beautiful 3D game in which you need to shoot Football in Rings,in this project we cover lots of concepts like

*what is Invoke function & how it work in Unity Javascript?

*what is Coroutine and how it work in Unity Javascript?

*save player score using player prefs

*Basics working of serialization and deserialization in Unity Javascript through Graphics

*Xml technique to save player scores

*learn how to create Blast effect using Particle system through scratch

and many many more

3rd we create 2D side scrolling game

*understand 2d game programming

*what is 2D raycasting?

*2d projectile fire concepts

*and many more

4th we create 2D Top-Down “Space-Shooter-Game

in which we learn

*what is screen wrap effect

*how asteroids waves are generated using Invoke function

*and many many more

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who ever wish to build Games
  • Non-programmers or Programmers
  • Students
  • Hobbyist
  • Professionals
  • Artists
  • No Age Limit

Created by Mrunal Dhurwe
Last updated 10/2015

Size: 3.91 GB

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