Practical Passwords


Practical PasswordsChoosing Strong Passwords (that you can easily remember, type, and manage)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what cybersecurity is really all about and what passwords are actually protecting
  • Learn how hackers compromise passwords through demonstrations of popular password cracking software and hacking tools
  • Learn the “3 pillars” of a strong password and why they matter
  • Learn to choose passwords that are resistant to modern cyber attacks but easy to remember
  • Learn a valuable cyber defense skill that can be applied in home or business


  • This course has been designed for anyone familiar with choosing and using passwords
  • No advanced technical knowledge is required, and this course has something for everyone!
  • Students, families, business professionals, and even cyber / IT professionals can all gain something valuable from this course.


If you’re like most people you’ve probably experienced some pain and frustration because of passwords. This course is intended to look at new ways to create strong passwords that you can easily remember, type, and manage.

Throughout the course, we’ll take a look at some of the techniques hackers use to compromise passwords (through live hacking demonstrations) and how you can better defend yourself against them. You won’t just be told what makes a strong password, but you’ll actually see some of the most popular hacking tools and techniques that are used to compromise passwords today!

This course has been designed for ANYONE using passwords today and no prior technical knowledge is necessary. That being said, even seasoned IT / Cyber professionals may gain some valuable new insights from this course!

As our world continues to grow more and more connected with (and dependent on) cyber technology, it becomes even more important to be equipped to defend against cyber attackers. Cultivating a cyber defender mindset and skillset is not only critical for individuals but it’s also important to prospective employers as many are looking to hire people that have basic training in cyber defense. There has never been a better time to invest in these valuable skills!

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professionals
  • Families
  • IT / Cyber Professionals
  • Young Adults (High School and College Students)

Created by Roger Galitz
Last updated 11/2022
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