Prepare & Pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam


Prepare & Pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

A Complete Master Course for AWS CCP Certification by Kasey Shah

What you’ll learn
  • Learn about cloud computing in general
  • Learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) Exam
  • Deploy AWS cloud compute services such as EC2, S3, and EBS
  • Pass AWS CCP Exam
  • General knowledge of computing.


Why Learn about Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the fastest growing segment of Information Technology landscape.  Cloud Computing is enabling businesses and consumers to do innovative things quickly, at a massive scale, and without an up-front investment. Cloud Computing industry is at $100 billion today and is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2020. Ten years later, the knowledge of Cloud Computing will be what it is to know and use Gmail today!

About AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) commercialized Cloud Computing in 2007. Today, AWS offers over 100 services of their own and thousands more through the Marketplace. AWS certification is in high demand. Average AWS certified professional is earning $110K to $150K in urban areas to over $200K in high-tech areas such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York.

Why become AWS CCP Certified?

Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) forms the basis of all Cloud Certifications including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Every person from age 12 to 72 who is or may be interested in pursuing career in technology space should earn CCP. CCP certification is well suited for Systems Engineers, Network Engineers, Developers, Sales, Marketing, and IT leaders.

This AWS CCP exam preparation course is the basis and the prerequisite for the following AWS certifications and related courses: AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate, AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional, AWS Certified Developer Associate, AWS Certified Sysopt Administrator Associate, AWS Certified Devops Professional, AWS Certified Networking Specialist, AWS Certified Security Specialist, and AWS Certified Bigdata Specialist.

The Course Objectives:

In this course, I have three objectives: (1) Provide you information, material, and pointers related to this certification, (2) teach substantive material covered in the exam blueprint, and (3) provide you with high quality full scale simulation practice exam.

The Course Structure:

Introduction Section: where I familiarize you with the course structure, content, support, how to build your outline, resources for this course, and much more.

Substantive Exam Focus Summary Segments: where I teach all required topics in a video format, test you with short question and end of the topic quizzes. I walk you through hands-on labs and provide you PDF document with high level steps for each lab.

Practice Exams: where I have provided you with a full-scale simulation practice exam with 65 questions with answers in text and video formats.

Please see the course content for the detailed index of this course.

This Course Includes:

  • Over 100 video segments covering all topics required for this exam.
  • One full-scale simulation practice exams with answers in text and video formats.
  • Hundreds of short questions.
  • Several end of topic quizzes.
  • Instructor & community support.
  • Free 30-day money back guarantee.

The Instructor:

My name is Kasey Shah and I will be your mentor for this course.  I have over 20 years of experience in architecting, deploying, and operating large scale IT infrastructure. I have held over 25 IT certifications and taken more than 100 certification exams over my career. I have taught several thousand students in face-to-face setting and several tens of thousands of students in online setting. I want to use my experience to help you prepare & pass this and many other certification exams. Please allow me to be part of your journey and vicariously re-live the excitement of passing this certification exam!

Quotes from my previous Learners:

“Hey Kasey! I’m supplementing with your course. I must say, I am thankful that I had a solid understanding of the topic prior to your course. I’m halfway done at the moment, and each question makes me realize “WOW.. I thought I knew this.. but not in this insane level of detail!” I’m hopeful to pass the exam and would love your guidance to help me along the way. Thank you! The course rocks and I hope to finish this weekend. :D”

”The approach with the highlighting, explanation, and detailed including additional information are very helpful to learning.”

”It is a wonderfully organized course. I have been studying for the exam for a few weeks now and this course has helped me a lot. The course is formatted in a way that it provides you preparing material very precisely, this has saved me a lot of time”

“Mr. Shah immediately reminded me of my graduate professor for Finite Element Methods in that he is a proponent of the students success and fluid understanding of the material.”

“The course was very helpful as the instructor provided in-depth explanation for some important topics”

”I just finished your class and wow.. amazing!! “

”I am absolutely motivated and I am going to pass the exam.”

The Support:

I have provided a detailed document and video about the support for this course and beyond. There are over 10 communication channels that you can use to receive support from me and other fellow learners going through the same journey.

These channels include: free forum, Udemy Q&A, Udemy private message, web site, Facebook page, Twitter, my blogs, my YouTube channel. Active Learners can reach me via Slack channel, Text messaging, and at least one 1:1 session for help, guidance, or inspiration.

Sample Practice Exam Questions:

Sample Question 1:

[Question ID = HCC-AWS-PQ-1386]

The Company is running their IT environment in on-premise data centers. The Company is debating whether to use the Cloud Computing for their business application needs. Executive team is in a meeting to discuss and decide about their decision to embrace the Cloud. Executives seem to be worried about cost, security, ROI, capabilities, and ability to master the cloud administration.

If you were a fly on the wall of this meeting room what would you say to your cousin fly?

(A) AWS environment is by default more secure than on-premise environments.

(B) AWS environment cannot be more secured than on-premise environment because you own the building.

(C) AWS environment can be more secure than on-premise environment if well architected.

(D) AWS environment cannot achieve compliances as a cloud provider.

Correct Answer is C.

AWS environment can be more secure than on-premise environment if well architected.

[Question Difficulty Level = 65]

AWS environment can be more secure than on-premise environment if well architected because AWS provides several tools, capabilities, services, and market place solutions to secure your workload in AWS.

Sample Question 2:

[Question ID = HCC-AWS-PQ-1232]

The Startup has very little money but a lot of hope and potential. Their app is free for the customers. The app saves their user’s photos and converts it to thumbnails. The Startup wants to ensure that they can retrieve the actual photo and the thumbnail for 1 month. However, after 1 month, they are not too concerned about the thumbnail because they can recreate it if lost, however, they would like to keep it and not delete it and they can wait a few hours for the access to this file.

Which of the following approach will result in the most cost savings with regards to the thumbnail in operating their AWS environment?

(A) Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to Glacier after 1 month.

(B) Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to S3 RRS after 1 month.

(C) Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to S3 IA after 1 month.

(D) Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to S3 RRS after 1 month and back to S3 Standard after 6 months.

Correct Answer is A.

Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to Glacier after 1 month.

[Question Difficulty Level = 75]

Configure S3 lifecycle to migrate data from S3 Standard to Glacier after 1 month.

S3 lifecycle policies allow you to migrate data from one class to another on a schedule. Moving data from S3 standard storage tier to other tiers such as S3 IA (Infrequently Accessed) or RRS (Reduced Redundancy Storage) class or Glacier class will result in substantial cost saving by trading off on higher durability of the data.

Here, The Startup requirement is such that they need to have access to the actual photo and the thumbnail for 1 month and after that time they are less concerned about the durability and the amount of time it takes to access it. Glacier is extremely low cost storage solution for such a use case where it is acceptable that the access to data can take a few hours.

Who this course is for:
  • All IT professionals
  • All developers
  • All Network Engineers
  • All Systems Engineers
  • All sales people involved in IT

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Last updated 10/2018
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