Rise Of The Machines: Impact Of Automation On A Human World


Rise Of The Machines: Impact Of Automation On A Human WorldBe a smarter human; technology, robots, AI & automation are shaping the world, learn 4IR case studies and principles

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to topics like disruption, displacement, automation, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence
  • The future of work and why presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is deeply worried about automation
  • How technology impacted the Luddites, digital losers like Kodak, Gary Kasparov and Tilly Lockey
  • Cognitive computing, The 4th Industrial Revolution case studies and exponential growth
  • The impact of automation on blue collar workers in a capitalism-driven world and what we can do about it
  • Introduction to Human Capitalism, The Singularity and Universal Basic Income such as $1000 / month
  • The impact of autonomous vehicles on jobs in America and how self driving trucks are a use case
  • Why Gary Kasparov likes the quote “Computers are useless, they can only give you answers”
  • The role of humans in asking great questions to keep moving us forward on a quest for a better life
  • How Gary Kasparov really felt about the machines that beat him and why that changes our perception of chess AI
  • Future generations and the type of world and machines that our children inherit and the role we must play
  • What’s next for society and what we should learn from the 4IR case studies to ensure we stay ahead


  • There are no prerequisites for doing this course


The course was clear and concise with great examples to follow.” – Paula N.

“Peter is such knowledgeable in this field of 4IR and coming from FNB makes him more adaptable to these changes of Human and Machine technology which is on the rise even at FNB currently, looking forward to this course and taking much learnings back to the remote desk.” – Avesh R.

This course was a perfect match for me. It has increased my knowledge on technological advancements” – Immaculate

“This was great, I learned a lot about the Fourth Industrial Revolution” – Gugu

Very insightful” – Sakyiwaa, “Great insight” – Abdurrahman

Become the smartest person in the room about technology trends! Impress your friends and your kids by explaining why and how the world has changed. Learn about the impact of technology on our changing world and how these trends will impact the next generation.

Why you should do this course:

  • Confidently talk about technology trends in your next conversation with friends and family.
  • Become familiar with topics like disruption, displacement, artificial intelligence, the singularity, human capitalism and Universal Basic Income
  • Know how technology impacted the Luddites, Kodak, Gary Kasparov and Tilly Lockey and why its important
  • Learn from presidential hopeful Andrew Yang about why he is worried by the rise in automation and its impact on humans and the jobs we do
  • Understand more about the great rivalry between man and machine in the game of chess and how this showcased a breakthrough in artificial intelligence
  • Help guide your children in their education and career choices through your superior knowledge of these trends and case studies.
  • Boost your own career prospects with this knowledge, especially in a world that has accelerated towards technology during a pandemic

Become a trend spotter today, transform your world view by understanding how and why these trends are shaping the future.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in trends and how they are shaping the world

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Last updated 5/2022
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