Service Design for the Real World: A Practical Introduction


Service Design for the Real World: A Practical IntroductionIndustry experts share the content we wish we’d had when we were getting started

What you’ll learn

  • An overview of the end-to-end Service Design process and methodology
  • Key considerations and practical tips for applying Service Design in an organizational context
  • The basics of qualitative customer research and synthesis
  • How to use lo-fi prototypes to validate concepts and ideas
  • Effective ideation techniques & facilitation
  • Stakeholder management for Service Design
  • The basics of developing journey maps, service blueprints and other artifacts
  • Business Model Canvas for Service Design
  • How to prepare for a job in Service Design


  • Some familiarity with the very basics of Service Design (e.g. you’ve participated in a Service Design session or have read a few articles) is helpful but not required.


This is the course we wish we had when we started our Service Design careers.

Tools and frameworks alone won’t make you a great Service Designer. Most Service Design happens within existing companies and organizations. By understanding the real challenges and barriers to putting Service Design into practice you will be better prepared for the reality of actually doing the work. This is one of the only courses that go beyond methodology alone to focus on how to apply Service Design in an organizational context.

This course includes:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the Service Design process
  • 5 Recorded activities (we walk you through activity templates with pre-recorded facilitation)
  • A resource list to support your learning beyond this course

Learn from experienced industry professionals who have:

  • Established and scaled in-house Service Design teams in multiple companies across industries (Telecom, Insurance, Financial Services, Legal, and Retail)
  • Been recognized with the Service Design Global Network award
  • Been actively teaching and mentoring students and industry professionals in Service Design for 10+ years
  • Are regularly invited to speak at events, host workshops, and share their thoughts on the evolution and future of Service Design

At the end of this course you will:

  • Become deeply familiar with the overall Service Design methodology and be confident in your ability to speak to it.
  • Have a meaningful understanding of key phases of work in Service Design: Research, Ideation, Prototyping, and how they fit together as a process
  • Know how to clearly communicate the value of Service Design
  • Appreciate the importance of stakeholder management and organizational context when practicing Service Design
  • Learn what core skills and specialized skills you need to develop in order to succeed at landing your first role or further progressing in your career as a Service Designer

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning more about Service Design and how to apply it in an organizational setting
  • UX Designers looking to expand their skills
  • Students interested in jobs related to Service Design, human-centred design or innovation
  • Working professionals interested in making a transition to a Service Design role or collaborating with Service Design teams

Created by Patrick Bach (He/Him), Chelsea Omel (she/her), Markus Grupp (he/him)
Last updated 5/2022
English [Auto]

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