Udemy SEO: The Guide to Top Rankings & Sales [Unofficial]


Udemy SEO: The Guide to Top Rankings & Sales [Unofficial]

The secrets of search engine optimization to rank Page 1! Learn the exact process to rank your course & earn more!

What you’ll learn
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to use & work with the Udemy Search Engine.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to utilize SEO optimization for your courses.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know the importance of reviews & how it factors into your rankings.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to choose the best keywords for your course title, subtitle & description.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to choose the best Course Subject/Topic.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how long you should make your course to compete in the market.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to manage your reviews and even have bad reviews TURN INTO good reviews.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to create discount & free coupon codes.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to create automatic messages for better sales.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to choose the best course pricing.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to use New & Best Seller tags for your courses.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to create attractive Course Images to attract more sales.
  • In this SEO & Sales course, you’ll know how to use Udemy Insights tool to discover what you can potentially earn & how to compete.
  • You should know how to use a PC at a beginner level.


HOW CONFIDENT AM I? Take this course. If you don’t make MORE MONEY ON UDEMY  in the next 30 days, I’ll refund every penny!

Want to create a course OR already have one finished? Want to earn MORE MONEY from that course?

If you aren’t getting the results YOU NEED, then it’s probably because you’re Udemy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t very good.

In just 100 days on Udemy netted me $7,500.00+, enrolled 42,000+ students, garnered over 1,000+ reviews.

(that’s my Day 100 snapshot. I’ve made even more since then)


Do you have the right keywords that are most searched inside Udemy (Udemy Organic earnings) & in Google (Udemy Paid Advertising earnings)?

Do you have an attractive course that people want to affiliate (Udemy Affiliate earnings)?

Are you marketing yourself enough each month to get 1,000+ students in 24 hours or less (Your Promotions earnings)?

Are you properly setting expectations so you don’t have high refund rates (Udemy Refunds)?

Is your title, subtitle & description properly optimized BUT NOT KEYWORD STUFFED?

Did you create an attractive cover image?

Did you create an attractive introduction video?

Did you choose the right category for your course even?

Do you know how to get good reviews to your course in less than 24 hours?

If you ARE NOT SURE or DO NOT KNOW the answers to these questions – then you NEED this course!


About the Topic


Are your Udemy course sales slow?

Are you wondering if there’s anything you could do to dramatically increase your Udemy sales?

Do you wish a seasoned pro in the world of copywriting and online marketing would take you by the hand and show you the way to grow your Udemy course sales?

Well then, you’re in the right place at the right time because this course will walk you, step-by-step to optimizing your Udemy course landing page and maximizing your sales!

These are proven strategies for:

  • Optimizing your Udemy course title for maximum Udemy search traffic.
  • Optimizing your Udemy course sub-title to grab the reader’s attention and draw them in. (as well as for Udemy SEO benefit)
  • Optimizing the number of ratings for your Udemy course.
  • Optimizing the number of students for your Udemy course.
  • Optimizing your Promo video for maximum connection, conversion and sales.
  • Optimizing your Course description for maximum sales and conversions.
  • Optimizing your Instructor Bio for maximum sales and conversions
  • Optimizing the flow of your entire page by using the AIDA formula so that it hits all the hot buttons and almost forces your students to enroll!
  • When you implement the strategies you’ll discover inside this powerful course, you will have the quite confidence in knowing that you’ve done everything possible to maximize every square inch of your Udemy course landing page!When you implement these proven strategies, your course will:
    • Attract a LOT more prospective students…
    • Show those prospective students the clearly defined benefits of taking your course…
    • Give those prospective students plenty of legitimate, solid reasons and compelling arguments for taking your course.
    • Enroll a lot more students because of this.
    • Generate tons more sales than you would otherwise.

I want to share the secrets, and simple strategies that I learned in order to save you the countless amount of hours, effort and mistakes that I repetitively made. So I have compiled them this unique step-by-step guide so that you can see the same results with your Udemy course too!

“Knowledge is power only if a man knows what facts not to bother with” – Robert Lynd

The Video presentation is unique. It is a very direct and clear presentation that most efficiently gets the knowledge from our brains to yours. It’s broken into easy to learn modules that both explain the theory behind the techniques, and show LIVE demonstrations of my testing and experiments!

If you have, or are planning on creating a Udemy course, I GUARANTEE you that this investment will be the best you can make! It will pay you back every single day for the entirety of your courses life!!

I will also personally respond to all questions and queries (and even provide my personal email address!) so that you can implement these simple strategies in a fool-proof way.

I know the power of having these Udemy strategies, and I can’t wait to help you get there!

Here’s the bottom line…

You need this course because Udemy is quickly becoming a competitive playing field and you need every advantage you can get.

You also need this course because the Udemy opportunity is drawing in more and more instructors who do know some of these strategies, so the sooner you implement these, the better for you.

And, lastly, you need this course so that you can help a lot more people with your course, your message and your life-changing content!

You have tons more students to gain and nothing to lose, so enroll today!

Let’s meet inside !

Who this course is for:
  • Udemy Course Creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Marketers
  • Anyone with a product or idea to sell on Udemy
  • Anyone who wants to rank higher in Udemy & make more money
  • Anyone who sells ANYTHING online

Created by Zach Miller
Last updated 9/2019
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