Vmware Virtualization for beginners


Vmware Virtualization for beginners

Basic Concepts of Server Virtualization, Hyper Visor and foundation of VM, Networking & Storage with VMware 15.0

What you’ll learn
  • Learn Foundation concepts of Virtualization
  • Understand what is virtualization
  • Understand server vs desktop virtualization
  • Explain detail concepts of hyper visor
  • Understand types of hyper visors (Type1 vs Type2)
  • Hands on lab via VMware Workstation Pro 15.0
  • Creating Virtual Machines (VM’s) for virtualization infrastructure
  • Learn Virtual Machine hardware resources customization practical Labs
  • Installing Microsoft server 2016 operating system on VM’s
  • Understand what is SDN software define networking
  • Explain virtual networking concepts
  • Creating virtual network and explore default virtual networks inside VMware
  • Enabling remote desktop connection RDC on VM’s and connecting with internet or IT world
  • Understand snapshots concepts in computer or server virtualization industry
  • Basic Computer or IT knowledge


Do you want to get prepared for the VMware vSphere 6.7 Associate/Foundations & Hyper V exam?

Non-virtualized data centers are something that does not exist now or have been outdated, VMware vSphere is the need of a time which exist in all data center of the world. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get ready to hands on practical experience in vSphere & hyper v, including absolute beginners to intermediate.

Learn about SDN and software define data center and explore tremendous features with practical hands on lab skills-oriented demos.

Number of labs related to VMware virtualization industry in which you explore

  • How to create virtual machines and customizing its physical resources into virtual compute world
  • How to implement virtual networking between physical and virtual machines connectivity for resource sharing as well
  • Snapshots and detail backup options
  • Disaster recovery with snapshots
  • VMware Tools
  • Storage capabilities
Who this course is for:
  • Learner who wants to start their career in computer Virtualization world with VMware products or any virtualization product
  • Those who wants to start with virtualization and pursue their career in cloud computing
  • Those who want to prepare their self for virtualization Certification VCA,VCP 2020
  • Want to learn fundamentals of Data Center and Network Virtualization
  • System technician
  • System support
  • Network technician
  • IT or System Administrator or engineer

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