Zen Buddhism 101 – Awaken Your Natural Joy


Zen Buddhism 101 - Awaken Your Natural Joy

It is in our True Nature to be fully alive and joyous. Learn how to reclaim your Natural Joy.

What you’ll learn
  • Students will be able to use meditation and other skills to access their natural joy at all times.
  • One should prepare buy coming to the course with an open mind. Once engaged you will find that very easy to do.


Buddhism is the oldest and most successful Self-Help program on Earth. There is debate over whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy. When asked to weigh in on this question my answer is always definitely yes! There is no Divine figure to worship, no cosmogony and no dogma in Buddhism. In that respect it does not appear to be a religion. But if you consider a religion to be a set of ideas around which you live your life and that in turn brings you to peace and a deep understanding of the True Nature of life, then Buddhism is most definitely a religion. This incredibly practical and adaptive tradition is something that everyone should learn about.

I designed this course especially for Westerners who have had little or no contact with Buddhism other than the few words and ideas that have filtered through to the West. It is presented in a very entertaining and light fashion including stories and humor. The simplicity of the course however should not fool you into thinking the content is in any way compromised.  I have had lifelong Buddhists in Asia take the class and remark to me that this was the first time they truly understood their own religion. Though that may be true the course is especially designed for those who are looking for a clear and simple explanation of Buddhism.

So whether new to the subject or very experienced you will find knowledge of great value to you and your life in this course. In the end, you will understand why it is that you have been living less than you are deserving of and how to regain your Natural state of Joy, Compassion, Love and Freedom.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is best suited for those who have been searching for the Great Truth that will set them free.

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